ArtbyHannah 10x10 Inch 4 Panels Botanical Framed Black Picture Frame Set for Wall Art Décor with...

About this item 【Original Design】ArtbyHannah is a Chinese brand adhering to original designs. This is an artwork from a creative designer of our team who tried to bring botanical to a modern greenery home. This is why he applied green colors such as with green leaf plant with black frames as the core. 【Value for Money】As an integrated brand specialized in home decoration, our business accomplishes all the work including research,design,manufacturing and marketing on our own. Therefore, we can maintain low cost and be able to offer customers the best value products. 【Delicate Pictures】the attached pictures are printed on gelatin paper by giclee technology which enables the inserts durable and colour fast. Therefore, you are given the freedom to keep the pictures as a deco or replace it with your picture. 【PS Frame】Compared to MDF frame,the advantages of ps frame are more cost effective, waterproof, moisture-proof and lighter. 【Considerate Packaging 】In order to give the product full protection, solid corner protector, blister wrap and sturdy carton are employed. From the brand Picture Frame Set Visit the Store Canvas Wall Art Visit the Store Gallery Wall Frame Set Visit the Store Picture Frames Visit the Store Product Description ArtbyHannah 4 Panels 10x10 Inch Black Picture Frame with Green Leaf Tropical Botanical , Wall Art Decor Framed for Home Decoration Since green leaf is majorly associated with nature with a restful, relaxed, balanced, calm, and rejuvenating vibe – it’s become one of the timeless trends to incorporate at every home. Whether it’s the bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, home office, kitchens, kids’ rooms, nursery, or the hallways – the green wall art sets will truly enliven your space and add a touch of excitement to it. √ Green in Bathroom: Believe it or not – green wall art in your bathroom is bound to look cozy, warm, balanced, comfortable, calming, and relaxing! After all, this is one personal space that deserves to be tranquilizing and laid-back. √ Green in Living room: Green wall art in the living room is a great way to add your personality and character to the common space. Whether you have a modern farmhouse style or transitional, modern, or coastal – the green leaves on the walls of your living room will never disappoint you. √ Green in Bedroom: Your bedrooms deserve a calming and tranquilizing color category like greens. After a long and hard-working day at the office – you would want to come back to a relaxing and calming haven. √ Green in Home Office: Since most of you’re working from home – it’s time to spruce up that home office space that you always wanted! Trust me, this botanical wall art sets will soothe and calm you – and you would simply feel more energetic and passionate about your work. Original Design Established in 2002, ArtbyHannah is a Chinese home décor brand that specialized in gallery wall frames, framed canvas wall art,picture frames,hand-painted wall art.We have a very professional designing team composed of well-known designers at home and abroad.We respect art, insist on originality and provide our clients with unique artwork that make their home cozy and artistic .In 2021, our design team launched 8 themes of creation including cozy minimalism ,modern chic,neutral cave, modern abstract,vintage,country style, pastoral etc. Value for Money As an integrated brand specialized in home decoration, our business accomplishes all the work including research,design,manufacturing and marketing on our own. PS frame with thermal transfer printing The material of our frame is PS which is light, waterproof, moisture proof and cost effective. On the top of the PS frame, various pattern can be applied through thermal transfer printing technology. Armed with 15 automatic production lines for PS frame injection and 100 pcs of thermal transfer printing machines ArtbyHannah has become one of the leading company in the industry . Abstract Canvas Wall Art Plant Canvas Wall Art Tropical Canvas Wall Art Plant Canvas Wall Art Plant Canvas Wall Art Leaf Gallery Picture Frame Set Size 12x16 Inch 16x24 Inch 20x28 Inch 12x16 Inch 12x16 Inch 12 x 16 Inch Gold Gallery Picture Frame Set Gold Gallery Picture Frame Set Grey Gallery Picture Frame Set Black Gallery Picture Frame Set Gallery Picture Frame Set Black Gallery Picture Frame Set Size Multi Size Multi Size Multi Size Multi Size Multi Size Multi Size

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