50ft Expandable Garden Hose with 8 Function Nozzle, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Water Hose wi...

About this item Incredible Expanding Design - Garden hoses can be extended from 17 feet to 50 feet. The expandable garden hose automatically expands to 3 times its original length under standard pressure and shrinks to its original hose length within minutes when closed. The expanding water hose uses a high-density 3-layer latex core and a powerful 3750D polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. Solid Brass Connectors - The water hose with ¾ inch solid brass connectors, they won't rust, leak or break. With the correct adapter, you can connect to the product to be connected. No additional adapters are needed to connect hoses if the connecting product has ¾-inch thread size. Lighter and Smaller - Our garden hoses are lightweight, easy to use and easy to maneuver around the yard or patio. Even when filled with water, the hose moves easily. The best part is that it doesn't get tangled. Equipped with storage bag and hose hanger, it can be easily folded and stored anywhere you want. Providing you with a neater, cleaner yard space. This hose will make your life easier! Suitable for Multiple Purposes - 8 functional safety nozzles for all your needs. You can use it to wash your house/car/floor/yard, water your garden, clean your pets, for recreational or commercial use. It's really a handy tool. Faster Response - We have a complete after-sales service and a professional customer service team. If you have any problem with the product you received, please feel free to contact our customer service. The customer service team is responsive in helping buyers. › See more product details From the brand Yuharq specializes in horticultural products. We are a professional factory for garden hoses. Our goal is to have fun in gardening, and we are passionately committed to creating quality, easy-to-use products. Garden Hose Product Description 8-way Nozzle 360° Rotation Rotating bezel for easy choosing 8 kind of patterns including soaker, jet, cone, shower, flat, center, mist, and rinse. Yuharq garden hose can meet all your needs for gardening plants, washing cars, shower pets or other jobs. It makes the once dirty and tiring job easier and more fun. Soft Rubber Touch Grip Ergonomic handle makes your operation easier. The rubber outer coating is non-slip and comfortable, and won't come off easily even if it gets wet. When you want to spray water continuously, you can use the buckle bracket, which is labor-saving and easy to operate. Solid Brass Fittings Hoses come with solid 3/4-inch connectors that won't break, crack, leak or corrode, fit any standard faucet and are built to last. Equipped with a leak-proof rubber gasket for enhanced leak-proofness. The connectors are also equipped with an on/off valve so you can easily turn off the water without turning off the faucet, helping you conserve water. Newest Super Durable Material The inner layer consists of 3-layers of high quality latex core with high toughness and elasticity. The outer layer is a high quality 3750D polyester fabric that protects the inner tube and provides excellent protection against punctures, sharp corners, and prevents normal frictional damage caused by dragging on the ground. Collapsible and Retractable Our Lightweight Garden Hose can magically expand 3 times its length, and when finished, the expanded garden hose will quickly return to its normal size. No more messy pipe in a garden to detract from its beauty. Easy to Use and Storage Retractable garden hoses are portable and collapsible, and can be placed in storage bags or on hose hangers when not in use, taking up no space. Lighter and Smaller This is an incredibly lightweight hose that is easy to move even during watering and can reach all areas of the garden effortlessly. You don't have to lug a heavy garden hose to work anymore, and it's easy to use even for the elderly and children. No kinks, twists or tangles This expandable garden hose will never get tangled, twisted or kinked, and is flexible and easy to handle and store. You no longer have to stop working and spend a lot of time untangling a tangled water pipes. Highlights of Yuharq Garden Hoses Yuharq specializes in gardening products. We are a specialist factory for garden hoses. Our goal is to have fun in gardening and we are passionately committed to creating quality easy-to-use products. Expandable Garden Hose Sprayer Nozzle Hose Hanger Storage Bag 3 Additional Washers User's Guide Why Do People Love Our Garden Hose So Much? Yuharq Garden Hose Meet All Your Needs Water hose is a must for easy outdoor work. Are you looking for a hose to wash your dirty car, wall, outdoor windows, pets and water your garden? You may also have been tired of the traditional short poor-quality plastic hose, hoping to get longer service lift. Now, there is unmissable chance for you to try Yuharq Expandable Garden Hose. Expands 3 times its length when water pressure is on Shrinks to original length when pressure is off Self-draining when not in use Easy to store in very small places Lightweight and portable High quality brass fittings and shut-off valves Suitable for Multiple Purposes

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